Andy's Events
Dancers at Andy's Events


Tips for enhancing your dancing experience.

Floor Craft:

  • Be aware of the space around you.
  • Share the dance floor with your fellow dancers.
  • Leads, protect your follow.
  • Dance to your follow:
  • Leads always adjust to your follows dance ability.

Dance Instruction:

  • Do not try to teach your partner while you are dancing.
  • Avoid giving unsolicited dance advice.

Declining an invitation to dance:

  • You are not obligated to say yes to every dance invitation.
  • If you decline a dance invitation it is considered good form to find that person later and ask them to dance.
  • If you decline a dance invitation it is considered bad form to immediately say yes to someone else.

Birthday Jams:

  • Please join in: Dance, clap, and help the birthday dancers celebrate.
  • Try to wait at least eight measures before cutting in.


  • Dancing is a physical activity and has been known to cause people to perspire.
  • Dress appropriately
  • Perhaps bring an extra shirt/top or wear wicking attire.