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The Jimmy’s

The Jimmy’s is a spectacular dance band. They are a blues band playing rock, R&B, and blues with keyboard, drums, and guitars. Nearly every song is perfect for swing and blues dancing. They frequently play all over central and southern Wisconsin. When this band plays at a danceable venue, they are worth the travel.

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The Jimmy's band performing at Andy's Events

Robert Allen Jr.

Robert Allen Jr plays good time blues played with a ton of soul. Robert’s band is always stocked with top shelf talent, their hip but rough around the edges look tells you a story even before they play a note. Robert doesn’t so much play the guitar, he masters it. Flying up and down the neck in a blur of hands, and playing solos with razor sharpness, he gives off energy that rockets from the stage. Robert’s voice is distinctive and he puts everything into his singing. You can’t help but appreciate the level of passion they pump into every note. Robert’s presence takes over the stage and he always leaves his audiences with a unforgettable show!


Robert Allen Jr. playing at Andy's Events

Big Al Dorn

“Big” Al Dorn brings an original authentic raw blues sound with a nice sprinkle of West-Coast swing and Mississippi Hill Country Blues to go along with it. He sings, plays guitar and also plays the harmonica. He is a must see!


Big-Al-Dorn performs at Andys Events

The Blues Disciples

The Blues Disciples have been bringing their Blues to the people of the Milwaukee area in the local clubs and the Midwest region since 1990. Founded by “Barefoot” Jimmy Schwarz with the intent of remaining true to the influences of the Chicago electric blues era of the ’50’s and 60’s.


The-Blues-Disciples perform at Andy's Events

Dirty Boogie

Between current hits and classics, this band plays it all. Dirty Boogie is a fun, energetic and entertaining band. When you see this band get ready to dance. Dirty Boogie will get the party started.



Photography by CJ’S Photography

The Hungry Williams Band

The Hungry Williams is a high energy throwback rock n’ roll band with a dynamic femme lead vocalist, rhythm guitar, and backing saxes. Sock hop grooves that twist and shout, raunchy blues, and New Orleans party vibes are the main course.

While swinging tunes aren’t the band’s primary focus, dancers will still have plenty of opportunities to hit the floor. So, don’t pass up a good swing number when you hear it – you may regret it when the next song is twice as fast.


The-Hungry-Williams-Band performing at Andy's Events

Photography by Rochelle Weiner Carr

The Liam Ford Band

Liam Ford is a rockabilly band to be sure, but they have many tricks up their sleeves in various setlists. They are very fun to dance to.

The Liam Ford Band performing at Andy's Events

The Incorruptibles

The Incorruptibles are a vocal-driven trio from Milwaukee playing roots rock & roll, rockabilly and other American roots music.


The-Hungry-Williams-Band performing at Andy's Events